Cosmic Awareness: Understanding the 3 Days of Darkness and Ascension

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff |

Would it be possible to discuss the three days or nights of darkness that will be coming?

This is simply a label or term, just as in the Bible where it is stated that God created Heaven and Earth in six days. One must not be literal in this count of time, three days or three nights being referred to here, for that which is the literal interpretation is not quite correct.  What will occur is that there will be three days of a perception that something went dark, more accurately that the perception will be that things were absent, that one was in darkness but this is akin to the darkness, if you will, one goes into when one goes to  sleep. The physical shuts down but the spiritual aspect or that which is the Light Body is awake and alert. Thus in this period of time, what will occur is there will be a reforming by that which is Spirit of all that is necessary to be changed so that a new game can commence.

This Awareness will use the example of a play being observed. That the play may have different periods where the curtain comes down so that the stage can be changed.  If at the same time the audience went into darkness and fell asleep, that when the curtains opened again, they might not even realize that the stage was changed and they will simply continue on their belief that they have simply moved into a different state that is congruent to the earlier memories of the stage and what was there. Indeed, many may not even recognize any changes occurred at all and may simply roll along in the viewing of this play. That the period that is being referred to as the three days of darkness will be similar. That Spirit will change the set, if you will, but what will also occur is that the memories, the mindset of many who were continuing on to planet A/B will also be changed from the previous set to the new set of memories. Thus many who are no longer there with them, including family members, friends and organizations and many of that which was once the state of things in the old planet A/B will be gone but the memories will be such that, for example, a death occurred that happened several years before, that this would be the new memory. Thus perhaps if a mother or father did not transit for they have their own journey that the child might simply remember that their mother or father died five years ago and this is the memory that is held and their lives continue with this memory. They would not necessarily remember that they did not survive the Shift in consciousness and the changes it brought. This is to allow the continuity without the trauma to allow individuals who have chosen this new existence, this new paradigm of beliefs to continue without being so affected by the loss of so many. They simply know that they were once part of their life but are no longer part of their life, having left  in a natural way, having had an altered memory substituted here to bring this type of continuity to them.  Does this explain this matter?

Yes it does, it gives rise to one more question please.  As it has been mentioned that the Ascension process is finished December 21, will these three days be prior to December 21 or afterward?

This Awareness first wishes to make something clear. The Ascension process is never complete and done, in the sense that the striving of the soul to reach higher consciousness and awareness, to realize itself in physicality, is an ongoing event. What will be complete is the buildup of energy that has brought many to this tipping point. What will be done is that Divine energies that are being pumped into the present reality will reach climax, and that it will complete this process that has taken many years to reach, and accumulation of that process is the 21st of December, 2012.  But the energies will still be available, declining in their potency. Thus there is a timeframe of the wind-down period this Awareness has spoken of, the nine months from December 21st to September 21st where there are residual energies to be worked with, many timelines to be restructured. Therefore, strictly speaking, that which was the buildup, although it is complete, still has that residual energy that will be available.


This is why this Awareness has always said the Ascension process will complete itself, reach climax on the 21st but that there will indeed, as it is now given in this moment, a continuance to some degree of those energies, but less potent. As time goes through as the new paradigms are set then there will resume a natural process towards evolution and Ascension, spiritual evolution, spiritual Ascension. Thus as this Awareness said, the Ascension process is ongoing, but that which has been the rapid acceleration and buildup to reach this significant point when that wave of Divine consciousness sweeps over the planet, that this will complete itself by the 21st of December.  Is this clear?

Yes much clearer, I appreciate it.  Thank you very much.

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  1. holy crap! the altering of memories is not considered to go against the free will of an individual? the skeptic in me says this is sketchy at best the spirit in me says i am and that i am ready to go. check yah on the flip side!

  2. Well.. I actually was thinking on that as well. In understanding that we do make these choices, then I feel for those of us that CHOOSE to remain aware.. we will be. And for those that in that process of transition CHOOSE to have it distanced, as that would do instead of our grieving process, then that would not go against the free will at all. Because everything is a choice, even if we don’t remember making it. I’ve spent so much time “awakening”, remembering, and getting hip to the Truth, that the last thing I wanna do now is forget it again. I’ve been fortunate in my awareness of that physical death anyway, so I don’t mind knowing who chose the other path either. I understand it’s a part of their own process, so I really think that the “altered memories” are only for those that prefer them.

  3. Very interesting perception of “3 days of darkness.” I can understand the method and intent of what you say. Comparing it to the more literal or biblical interpretation is difficult.

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